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6th June 2005

amrcan_hermione5:56pm: Well, hello all!

Now that you're here, we're ready to begin. Feel free to post whenever you like with story ideas or interesting film tidbits from movies you've seen, or from real life. I look forward to working with you!!!

Your fearless leader,

15th April 2005

dianataylor20128:47pm: looking to hire a filmmaker to film a 1-4hr seminar(this coming tuesday around 7pm)? youll have to have prefferably two cameras to film the speaker and audience, and you will have to edit and integrate the tapes from camera one to two. pay is negotiable, and its in the LA area. Thanks
please contact me at dianataylor2012@hotmail.com or we can discuss further at AIM dianataylor2012, thanks

6th April 2005

amrcan_hermione12:40am: Hello all!
You may wonder why there have been no recent updates to this community--well, look no further. It has taken me so long to update because I have been looking...and looking and looking...for a job in Hollywood, but to no avail. So, I have decided to start Midnight Dawn locally, in my hometown of Rancho Cucamonga. We'll begin as a small video production outfit, capable of production and editing to completion, and grow from there. Phew! I'm crossing my fingers.

I still want to hear from you all soon, so you better post to this group. I'm looking forward to you guys being in touch.
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